..And here I was being a totes kook and thinking that the fresher than persil Jeremy Scott collection for Adidas originals couldn't get ant better than the winged trainer. I should have invested in some gymgrips or that white powder stuff that the Gladiators circa 1993 used to use before Hang Tough and held my horses because BWOY has J dot Scott outdone himself.
A PHit,PHat new 2 minute advert with cameos from SpiderwebbHorror Aggy and Becks pre limp, post Loos and being MAJORly on-trend by being the pioneer of lacey logos and more layers than a photoshopped Kelly Clarkson alb cover.
This nu purge of garms is gonna do what the fast-food and all of his other collections for Adidas have done and sell out faster than Preston of Ordinary Boys 'fame'.