Love this LONGtime

T-shirts hanging below the zip have been something I have noticed adorning the chests of many youths, in recent months. From Shoreditch to Shoreham, the overly sized tee is reigning supreme and no one does it better than LONG.
LONG is the brain child of Gareth Emmet and Rhys Dawney, who i'm now fortunate enough to call friends.
Born in 2k8, the LONG brand focuses on oversized, unisex clothing with bold and graphic prints.
The new collection (now on sale via the LONG store), is ON A FUCKING THRONE.
It still glues true to the LONG ethos but heads towards darker and gloomier terrain. Religious and spiritual iconography gets stripped down, making them more meaningful and significant to the modern age.
While the brands core values and aesthetic remains as distinct as ever, the mood of the collection represents an evolution towards a newer, darker arena. Sculpting new shapes from the rubble of the past, traditional emblems of religious and spiritual iconography are re-imagined and given new context; core to the design ethos is the notion that in stripping these shapes of their original meaning, their universal visual power only becomes all the more apparent.
Below are some of the new images that display to PHull PHAT ePHect, how amazing
I was honoured when i got asked to be part of the team to RPRZNT the brand and it's new collection,alongside Marc Jorden and Eliza Trump. Now check us out and invest. FIN.