I got introduced to Romy and Co approXX 3 years ago by a mutual friend, who has had repped the bands back since before I had curtains and wore Rockport. Now gone are the days that we knock back rum and cokes whilst shaking a multipack of glow-sticks to a live set by Mary Luxembourg and the Blackbats at Unit 22, and the band have proceeded to venture on to dominate the underground and breathe lightly into chart stardom.
They write slow dance songs about love and intimately whisper candid thoughts aloud, whilst Jamie strips back everything that Darkchild made R'n'B, allowing Romy and Olivers fusion of vocals to chalk over the blackest of hearts.

the xx use a drum machine to complement their copiously tidy compositions. Unlike contemporary R&B fetishists Hot Chip or Discovery, who have clearly spent long hours internalizing Timbaland, the Neptunes, and other radio cognoscenti, the xx incorporate more abstract elements of the genre: a liberal use of bass tones and an unwavering focus on interpersonal relationships.
xx: everyone salutes you. You make us want to put heel to every one of our 60watt bulbs and sit in the dark forever watching the haunting intro to ITV' s Band Of Gold.
Go treat your drums and invest their long player here.