According to myself and the hundreds of other canine thirsty dairy appreciaters that descended upon the seaside for a night of debauchery, Milk Teeth is the best thing to hit Brighton since Nick Cave planted his bad seed in BN3.

Shifting locations monthly from Micro to the Jazz place to it’s new home at Audio, the debut self proclaimed ‘dark dance by the sea’ was held at an intimate split level underground joint called Tom’s Bar. Unconventional lighting in the form of molars, a hodgepodge of oral grafitti adorned the bare,uneven walls and what appeared to be a bedrock cave was dug further into the floor to produce a sinister seating area for when those cha-cha heels and high top sneakers all became too much for the crowds soles to take.

Not only does this event have South-East’s most iconic DJ’s spinning their noise but each and every month sees an appearance from a very special guest jockey who yank themselves from being just generally remarkable and they too, take their turn to seep into the subculture and put their digits to the decks.

Clienetel are always a diverse bunch and an assortment of sexualities, images and tastes all fused in unison to toast a successful affair. They wanted to spread their aural nuisance and have the time of their little lives.

Golden examples that shook the night up came from Benga, Lil’ Kim, Lil Wayne, Da Brat, Toddla T and Skream as well as 18 carat snippets from Grave Diggaz, Drop Th Lime and N.A.S.A.

The dress code was non-existant. You weren’t shown the door if you chose not to dress head to toe in counterfeit thug clobber and didn’t have V.I.P access to the Billionaire Boys Club. In the words of the Madge Bishop of Grunge, Kurt Cobain, Come as you are. Go bananas.
This is a place for everyone, barring maybe those oddballs that have fears of the dentist.
So let’s not digress, this is vintage bitch rap, nostalgic hip-hop, eerie grime, tropical doom and 2 step at its very best.

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